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What we offer

BiotechnologyEvents.Com is a FREE SERVICE that offers several unique and powerful tools which allows the user to mine the biotechnology sector for the all important events that effect the future success of any biotechnology company.

Our FEATURED CONTENT section offers Short Term Trade Strategies that are updated daily with data and commentary, Option trading Strategies also with updates, a comprehensive Regulatory Events Watch List, and a comprehensive Clinical Data Event Watch List.

Our database, which is updated daily, categorizes each event by specific “event type” (Regulatory PDUFA or MAA date, FDA Advisory Committee Meeting, Phase II or III trial results, Submission of a NDA, BLA, MAA etc., Initiation or Enrollment completion of a clinical trial and many other company specific issues such as Licensure and partnering of compounds, Patent litigation milestones and Mergers and acquisitions activity) with date or time frame documented and then allows the user to search the database by various parameters including: Event type, Company, Compound and Indication.

Additional information surrounding each compound includes: mechanism of action, molecule type, target, class, and phase of development.

Our General Events Calendar tracks Scientific, Industry and Investment Banking Conferences, Earnings releases, Economic Indicators as well as FDA Regulatory Events. All placed in a calendar format that can be searched by category.
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  • Regulatory MAA EMEA Sample